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The ‘Veil of Sleep’ is a series of portraits taken of people in deep sleep.

The focus of the art is not intended to be voyeuristic or an invasion of ones private space. Rather, I believe the images serve as a window into the intimate, vulnerable and personal sanctuary of the subject.

The goal of ‘Veil of Sleep’ is to capture the mysterious twilight quality of the human soul; transcending age, culture or gender. They are portraits of the eternal spirit.

With muscles relaxed and gracious postures, the portraits are infused with the grace of natural patterns of sleep. The subjects are framed in direct compositions that rejoice in their authenticity.

The soft color palette and ethereal quality of the images offer a compelling component to the work. The subtle contrasts of colors ow harmoniously between muted and vibrant; creating a subtle tension that is mellowed through the soft layers of light.

The images are vignettes of another dimension we all inhabit yet seldom reflect upon. 

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